The Innovenn team has extensive experience defining product development strategies, conducting research and development activities, incorporating state-of-the-art quality standards, and facilitating FDA approval of drugs, medical devices and software as a medical device (SaMD).

A powerful combination of skills and abilities to improve patient health

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Passionate about Improving Patient Outcomes

Mary Dixon


Martin Kelleher

CFO & Chief Business Officer

Annie Lutz

Director of Medical Device
& Digital Innovation

LuAnne Farr

Director of Operations

Adam Vepraskas

Director of Regulatory Operations

Shelly Schumacher

Senior Business Development
& Marketing Manager

Kathleen Weber

Recruiting Manager

Deb Lovelace

Human Resources
& Executive Operations Manager

Nawal Ahmed

Assistant Human Factors
& Medical Device Manager

Anna McCreery

Assistant Program Manager,
Medical Device & Human Factors

Kerry Keiser

Assistant Human Factors
Study Manager

Emily Seifriz

Senior Project Assistant 

Luca Antiga

Data Analytics

Ann Sinnaeve

Digital Commercialization

Board of Advisors

Joan Reese

Board of Advisors Member

Steven Visuri

Board of Advisors Member

Claude Drobnes

Board of Advisors Member

Christopher Speh

Board of Advisors Member

Amy Cipau

Board of Advisors Member
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