We have spearheaded initiatives and lead innovative teams inspiring them to go “Beyond Therapeutics”. With contagious enthusiasm, we motivate teams to envision new ways of using data to deliver novel disease management tools that address a multitude of unmet needs.

Shaping Disease Management Platforms.


We’re driven to stay at the forefront of helping our clients develop technologies that serve patients today and enable a healthier future tomorrow.

Patient using Innovenn medical app on their phone

The problem:

Knowing the needs and wants of the consumer is one of the most critical elements to the successful design and launch of truly innovative health solutions. Upon diagnosis, healthcare providers and patients are searching for the most current information through the fastest, easiest and reliable information channels. This need has prompted pharmaceutical and device companies to re-define and re-think the traditional reach models to get the right product into the hands of the right patients and healthcare providers quickly. More and more companies are turning to digitally focused custom communications delivered directly to end users through multiple channels. To gain acceptance and market share, it is critical for companies to expand the way they meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients by providing innovative decision support technologies and disease management applications. This is where Innovenn can help.