Doctor examining images of a human body

What is Clinical Decision Support Software?

Clinical Decision Support Software (CDSS) is a tool utilized by healthcare providers to assist in making informed clinical decisions as Precision Medicine tool(s). It helps identify connections between a patient’s medical and family history and current health-related data such as clinical, laboratory and medical imaging findings as well as symptoms.

CDSS can help improve patients’ health by:

  • Enhancing understanding of underlying disease, its progression and possible treatment outcomes
  • Targeted therapies to optimize response based unique patient attributes (e.g., genetics, etc.).
  • Predicting which patients are likely to progress to more severe disease states
  • Providing support for ongoing symptom/progression management
  • Prompting early intervention and treatment optimization
  • Increased quality of care and enhanced health outcomes
  • Avoidance of errors and adverse events
  • Improved efficiency, cost-benefit, and provider and patient satisfaction