Patients first by Mission

At Innovenn, it is our philosophy that the most important decision we make each day is how we spend our time. We understand that time is the adversary of the patients waiting for help. With this in mind, we have a sense of urgency and strive daily to meet our mission of improving lives through the development of innovative patient-centered health solutions.

People first by Design

We believe that “how we treat each other” matters most. This grounding principle powers our super-effective teams, and fosters compassion, inclusion, and trust. When you are on an Innovenn team, whether an employee, collaborator, client, or consultant, you recognize a culture of mutual respect and encouragement, enabling everyone to thrive.

Customers first mindset

We perform our work knowing quality impacts decisions that are made by regulators, doctors, and patients, and this has a direct impact on health. We strive to deliver the highest quality outputs in all development workstreams.

Dog sitting on a couch alongside three coworkers

Emma the dog with her Innovenn team