The Perks of a Career at Innovenn

Group of coworkers laughing together at a table

Building Teams That Work

Innovenn promotes creative ways for teams to celebrate wins and to shake off stress during the workday. It is not uncommon to find the staff having an impromptu dance party or working on a shared puzzle in our lounge area. The company hosts monthly team building celebrations and targeted training. Not only do we build team skills and knowledge at these meetings, but we also spend time recognizing corporate and individual milestones (e.g., employee’s hire anniversary, birthdays, major life events, etc.). The CEO hosts a one-on-one off-site lunch with an employee each month as another means of celebrating individual accomplishments. We also bring in a massage therapist periodically when major milestones have been achieved to provide chair massages.

We have taken time to consider the values we share that define our culture. These values are celebrated on a graffiti style painted mural in our lounge area, serving as a reminder of who we are. We also applaud individual and project milestones through the ringing a celebration gong, and two unique awards that are given out annually by the CEO or Direct Line Manager.

One Small Step Award – Recognizes an employee for going above and beyond the expected level of contribution, resulting in superior performance to expectation.

Ripple Effect Award – Recognizes an employee taking initiative in making a change to benefit the company and team. It takes but One Person, One Moment, One Conviction, to Start a Ripple of Change.