Get to Know the Innovenn Team – Adam Vepraskas

After your first meeting with Innovenn’s Director of Regulatory Operations, Adam Vepraskas, you might describe him as intelligent, thoughtful, and well-spoken, and you would be correct. However, there is so much more to Adam than those three adjectives. Recently we took some time to learn a bit more about Adam’s career path, and what motivates him as he serves clients, co-workers, […]

Get to Know the Innovenn Team – LuAnne Farr

Process-driven, team-focused, strategic-thinker – when asked to describe LuAnne Farr, Innovenn’s  Director, Operations, these might be a few of the phrases that come to mind. LuAnne is an integral part of our success. Recently, we had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the path that led her to our organization, and what she […]